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Wiki uses a simple formatting "language"; tuned for plain-text entry, and for copying in e-mails. The source is "structured text" following simple guidelines (such as 2 <enter>s between paragraphs). The Wiki converts this text to HTML, trying to intuit what the writer "meant", while increasing the information density.

Users can tune how the Wiki converts. The Wiki reads the page WikiStyleSheet and the applies search and replace pairs it finds there. The thick left arrow "<==" could turn into a handE, for example.

RecentChanges lists every page that users recently edited. Try to keep it populated with project details. After editing, answer the question "why someone else should now read this page" in the field called "Change Synopsis".

Contrarily, If you edit a page but don't write anything that needs to be read soon (if you fix a typo, for example), use MinorEdit to prevent that page's position in RecentChanges (if any) from changing.

Fonts and Emphasis

  • Two quotes together ' ' make things italic
  • Three quotes together ' ' ' make things bold
  • Five quotes produceold italic
  • Initial <space> makes a line monospaced
  • These modifiers only last until the end of a line

 This is monospaced text


  • <space>*<space> makes a bullet list
    • <space><space>*<space> for the 2nd level, etc.
    • Put each entry on a different line

    • You may put gaps between the lines; their indentation level remains correct


  • A single blank line seperates paragraphs
  • A single line containing 4 or more dashes (-) makes a page break

  • >indents and italicizes lines (quote block)

  • >> indents more and alternates italics, etc.

A @ at the start of a line makes that line a "hanging indent". Mixing this effect with * outline mode produces curious results.


  • Any word spelt LikeThis? becomes an internal hyperlink
  • A full URL becomes an external hyperlink e.g.
  • The RemoteLink page lists how to abbreviate links out to other Web sites.