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This program is a minimal web server attached to a minimal Wiki database, written in WikiWiki:RubyLanguage .

Wiki operates like a normal (albeit simple) website. However, you can edit any page you like as you browse the site. Words written LikeThis? create links to pages with that name. This makes Wiki a simple, powerful, and extraordinarily rapid hypertext system.

Then write on the WikiSandbox, to learn what the markup does.


Every page is created from a plain text file, then headers and footers are added and the page is sent to the user. Text formatting is entered using simple commands in the text file. See WikiFormatting for details.

The footer contains a link allowing you to edit the page. Clicking this link will give you a simple edit form, allowing you to edit the plain text file corresponding to the page, and then save it back to the server.

The last item in the footer is the search field. The page RegexSearch describes the advanced options it supports. But it works as expected (but case sensitive) on simple words like "Wiki".

It returns a page listing pages that match, with the first matched line cited.

If you hover the mouse over a clickable item, such as "AboutWiki", the mouse will display a tooltip containing the text from that page's "Change Synopsis" - the explanation for its most recent edit.

Clicking the WikiWiki:PenBird logo in the upper left corner provides the NerveCenter, a RecentChanges page with links between the changed pages illustrated graphically. Hover the mouse over any node to see a tooltip containing the text from that page's "Change Synopsis". And click it to surf to that page.

See WikiSpecialPages